Diana Alissa Chester, Creative Response‐A New Look at Archiving: The Role Artists Play in Developing Creative Response from Field Recordings of Ethnographic Research, Programa Doutoral em Media Digitais, FEUP
Supervisor: Rui Penha


Diana Carvalho, Proposal of a novel multimodal interaction model for users of different age groups, 2016. Doutoramento em Informática
Co-Supervisor: Eurico Carrapatoso

Filipe Lopes, Composição Musical com o Espaço. Doutoramento em Media Digitais, 2016.
Supervisor: Carlos Guedes

Georgios Sioros, Syncopation as Transformation. Doutoramento em Media Digitais, 2016.
Supervisor: Carlos Guedes


Abayomi Otebolaku, Context-Aware Personalization for Mobile Multimedia, PhD Thesis, May 2015.
Supervisor: Teresa Andrade

Soraia Alexandra Ferreira, Location Based Transmedia Storytelling: Enhancing the Tourism Experience, PhD Thesis, February 2015.
Supervisor: Artur Pimenta Alves

José Alberto Sousa Gomes, Composing with Soundscapes. Capturing and Analysing Urban Audio for a Raw Musical Interpretation, 2015. Doutoramento em Ciência e Tecnologia das Artes
Supervisor: Rui Penha (Co-supervisor)