Tiago Costa

OpenDay CTM 2018

Artificial Intelligence (AI) already enables us to perform complex tasks commonly associated with human minds, by learning from relevant datasets and previous outcomes.It is open for debate whether AI will enable the creation of a digital mind, capable of autonomously conduct scientific research, namely on communications and multimedia.

In a scenario where every computing device is connected to the Internet, capable of sensing and interacting with its surrounding environment, AI provides a tool of unprecedented value that may take scientific research to a whole new level.

In the context of communications and multimedia, what are the main scientific challenges and opportunities that AI brings?

Tiago Costa

Open Day CTM 2017

At INESC TEC’s Centre of Telecommunications and Multimedia we research the next evolution in wireless computer networks, electronics, information processing and multimedia. This year undergraduate or Master students at ISEP, FEUP, UTAD, UMinho or Uab that have a research idea in the areas of Telecommunications and Multimedia Technologies, can APPLY NOW to this Idea Contest. Click here to register in these 4 free workshops and get to know what we are preparing for the future!

If you are enrolled as undergraduate or Master students at ISEP, FEUP, UTAD, UMinho or Uab and have a research idea in the areas of Telecommunications and Multimedia Technologies, APPLY NOW to this Idea Contest. The best idea will receive a €300 prize.

What can we expect from 5G? How can the fifth generation of mobile internet influence research done at INESC TEC’s Telecommunications and Multimedia Center? The answers to these and other questions at the 5G round table on April 6 at INESC TEC!

Tiago Costa

VISUM – Summer School

VISion Understanding and Machine intelligence – visum 2017 is the fifth edition of the Summer School that aims to gather Ph.D. candidates, Post-Doctoral scholars and researchers from academia and industry with research interests in computer vision and machine intelligence.

visum is organized by INESC TEC in the scope of the FourEyes project. FourEyes aims to make critical and tangible advances in the digital media sector and transform the means by which multimedia content is created, distributed and consumed. It will provide the means for scientific, creative and industrial communities to understand how new forms of multimedia content in a symbiotic relation with intelligent processing can improve our way of life and can be used to produce innovation. Its long term vision is towards establishing a vibrant online network of multimedia content where all users can be content creators as well as consumers, or so called prosumers.

Target Audience

  • MSc. and Ph.D. candidates;
  • Post-Doctoral scholars and researchers;
  • Academic and industrial professionals with (research) interests in computer vision;
  • And, everyone who wants to have knowledge of topics avant-garde.
Tiago Costa

CMMR 2017

The 13th International Symposium on Computer Music Multidisciplinary Research (CMMR) will take place in Matosinhos, Porto between 25-28th September 2017. This edition encourages the submission of proposals related to the theme: Music Technology with Swing.


Music is not only about sounding, but also about moving: from the highly skilled movements of individual musicians to the involuntary foot-tapping turning into the synchronization of a thousand dancers. Technology can certainly be exciting per se, but there is nothing quite so compelling as music technology in the way it further enhances our ability to sound together, to move together, to dance together. Swing — both as in the back and forth of a pendulum and as in the surprising rhythmic event that contradicts whilst drawing from our expectations — is a word that conveys this excitement, this liveliness and the permanent endeavour of finding new musical possibilities.


Tiago Costa

NEM-Summit 2016

The NEM Summit is an international conference and exhibition, open to co-located events and organised every year since 2008 by the NEM Initiative (New European Media – European Technology Platform – www.nem-initiative.org) for all those interested in broad area of Media and Content. Over the years, the NEM Summit has grown to become an annual not-to-be-missed event, providing attendees with a key opportunity to meet and network with prominent stakeholders, access up-to-date information, discover latest technology and market trends, identify research and business opportunities, and find partners for upcoming EU-funded calls for projects.

The 9th edition of the NEM Summit will be organized in Porto, a fascinating city in northwest Portugal, on 23-25 November 2016 at the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of PortoAv. de Rodrigues de Freitas 265, 4049-021 Porto, Portugal.

Building on successful previous Summits, the conference will address many of today’s hot topics on Driving the Future of Digital Media Experiences. These will include research and business challenges, societal and user needs incl. accessibility, implementation requirements for smart content and media convergence, and the regulatory and standardization environment.

The program of this year’s NEM Summit will consist of keynote presentations and invited talks, an exhibition focused on presentation of research results in the NEM area achieved by various projects and organizations, Scientific and Technical Summit Tracks, as well as Shows / Show Cases on Media and ICT for Creative Industries. In order to collect relevant contributions from the wide NEM community on Scientific and Technical questions as well as Shows / Show Cases, the NEM Summit 2016 Program Committee issued a Call for Extended Abstract, a Call for Exhibitions, and a Call for NEM Art & Design Competition. In addition, all Summit participants are invited toShape program of the Creative & Cultural Industries workshop at the NEM Summit 2016 by answering a corresponding survey available here.