Tiago Costa

VISUM – Summer School

VISion Understanding and Machine intelligence – visum 2017 is the fifth edition of the Summer School that aims to gather Ph.D. candidates, Post-Doctoral scholars and researchers from academia and industry with research interests in computer vision and machine intelligence.

visum is organized by INESC TEC in the scope of the FourEyes project. FourEyes aims to make critical and tangible advances in the digital media sector and transform the means by which multimedia content is created, distributed and consumed. It will provide the means for scientific, creative and industrial communities to understand how new forms of multimedia content in a symbiotic relation with intelligent processing can improve our way of life and can be used to produce innovation. Its long term vision is towards establishing a vibrant online network of multimedia content where all users can be content creators as well as consumers, or so called prosumers.

Target Audience

  • MSc. and Ph.D. candidates;
  • Post-Doctoral scholars and researchers;
  • Academic and industrial professionals with (research) interests in computer vision;
  • And, everyone who wants to have knowledge of topics avant-garde.